Eva Van Manen

Eva van Manen is an artist, songwriter, poet and music producer who moves between different disciplines and worlds. On her debut album ‘Politiek & Liefde’ (2018) she bridges styles such as rap, electronica and guitar pop with a fluid, personal angle and investigates where politics and love touch each other. Her broad musical field of interest – from hip-hop, indie to jazz – can be heard here. On her second album ‘De Diepte In’ (2021), Eva dives into the depths of her emotional world and seeks out a flowing sensitivity, for which she collaborated with various pop and jazz musicians. In May 2023, her latest EP ‘Le Hérou’ was released, a solo EP with forest songs recorded in the Belgian Ardennes.

In 2020, her song ‘Because we move on’ from the album ‘Politics & Love’ was nominated for the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prize. Also in 2021 Eva’s first collection of poems ‘How did we get here?’ was published by Hollands Diep publishers and she founded rosetta together with Josephine Zwaan. op, a development platform for female and gender non-conforming music producers in the Netherlands.

Whether producing or performing live music or spoken word, Eva’s work always seems to emerge from a kind of natural creative wave. Everything comes from the same source: a mind that takes everything that is not obvious for granted and vice versa.

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