Expedition to Planet B: Stoelendans, maar dan anders

What if we could redesign our planet? In their four-year project Expeditie naar Planet B, Waag Futurelab explores how we can make the future open, fair and inclusive by looking at our systems in a new way. This year we look at our economic systems: what if we completely redesigned our economic system – which is now centered on capitalist profit – and center it around community and nature? Do you want to change the rules of the game? 

Channel your inner Soul Surfer and dance a very special edition of De Stoelendans with us, designed by artist Arne Hendriks. Through music, spoken word, talks and dancing you can experience how we can deal with value, scarcity and abundance. At our ‘We don’t give a shirt’ screen print stand, you can update your outfit with a dash of activism: do you dare to speak out and print your clothes with something new?  

About De Stoelendans

Remember this dance you probably played as a kid? Through this game, even as a child you learn that there is not enough room for everyone. It creates competitive spirit, stress, and a sense of victory when you secure a spot. But what if you change the rules of the game? What if there are enough seats for everyone? 

Is De Stoelendans perhaps the perfect metaphor for our economy? There is enough for everyone, yet we create scarcity and shortages for some and abundance for others. There must be another way, right? Together with artist Arne Hendriks, we will investigate, by means of a musical chair dance and physical response, our own reaction to created scarcity, abundance and the enormous drive to want to ‘win’ at the expense of others. 

De Stoelendans is part of Waag’s Expedition to Planet B in which we look at changing the rules of the game. How would we establish a planet so that it provides an open, fair and inclusive future for all? By using the imagination of a non-existent planet, we are working towards change in the here and now. De Stoelendans will be shown at various events including Surfana Festival, Waags own Better Future Now Festival and the Dutch Design Week.

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