Meet Connor Brondes and Louis Sol, an acoustic Tropical/Indie Folk duo hailing from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. These two musicians have been exploring, surfing, and making a positive impact on their local community by picking up trash off the beaches.

Over the past 2+ years, they have been busy playing live shows at various venues throughout Hawaii and Florida, captivating audiences with their unique sound and undeniable talent.

In addition to their music, Connor and Louis have also been documenting their experiences in life and nature, as well as their desire for positive change in the world. Their passion for music and the environment is reflected in their heartfelt and often fun songs, which they are now sharing and releasing to their supporters, friends, and family (or “Ohana” as they say in Hawaii).

With their positive energy and passion for creating meaningful music, Connor and Louis are a duo to watch in the world of acoustic, Tropical/Indie Folk.

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