Are you ready to let loose, lose all inhibition, and release your inner child onto the festival terrain? 

The Klooiklup are back again this year teaming up with the Lifestyler boys! Each year, together with the Lifestylers, they play a huge role in making the festival terrain look as awesome as it does, like a beach town wonderland. We said this year would be bigger and better and that’s going to be in part thanks to the amazing crew from the Klooiklup.

Not only will they be a helping hand in the build up and decor, they will also be bringing their own DJ Line up and hosting a plethora of fun and games. So just expect the unexpected in very impromptu shows of sorts. Unless you’ve seen the vibe they create at other festivals and events throughout the Netherlands, what it will be is inexplicable. Yeah we’re loosing ourselves in this description. Just give them a high-five if you see them around, because they’re awesome!


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