Losse Jos

Losse Jos may be difficult to understand at times, but one thing is certain: his music is deeply moving. He spent many years immersing himself in the recordings of blues legends, and this is evident in both his guitar playing and his authentic voice. These elements combine to give his pure lyrics a haunting quality that resonates with listeners.

Last year, Losse Jos released his first Dutch-language album, “Ascension”. On this album, he explored new sounds and experimented with his musical style. However, his second album, “Luraak”, is marked by a sense of vulnerability that was not present on his first release. With this album, Loose Jos finally expresses what he could not say in everyday life.

Through his own Dutch-language compositions, Losse Jos takes listeners on a journey. You don’t need to understand every word to be moved by his music. Just let it wash over you and experience the emotion that he channels through his songs.

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