MATSUMOTO ZOKU BAND was founded in Melbourne in 2013 by REO MATSUMOTO (HandPan, Beat Box, and Percussion) and Koji Matsumoto (HandPan and Didgeridoo). In 2022, two exceptional new members, Kenta Hayashi (Guitar) and Nory (Bass), joined the band, contributing to the creation of a dream-like lineup. MATSUMOTO ZOKU BAND blends urban vocal beats with the enchanting sounds of HandPan, while the Didgeridoo adds a wave of groove. The Psychedelic essence and funky tones of Guitar and Bass combine to create a serene yet vibrant sound, complemented by other instruments. The band traverses the boundaries of music genres, incorporating elements from Organic Dance music, Psy-Trance, Funk, Chill, Ambient, Electronica, HipHop, and Rock, all fueled by a relentless thirst for innovation.

Since its inception, MATSUMOTO ZOKU has graced stages in 14 different countries, covering 41 cities. Notably, the band has become a fixture at the Ozora Festival in Hungary, having performed on the Dragon Nest Stage six times as resident artists since 2013.

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