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Max Poolman is a Folk / Country inspired singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. Inspired by artists such as Ben Howard, Ryan Bingham and Ryan Adams, he writes raw and intimate personal songs that drag you into folklore during live performances. A skateboard accident years ago affected his nerves and 2 years ago it became increasingly difficult to continue to play and perform at the same level. He had to stop for a year to work on his recovery. After many therapies and surgery, he is back with new songs and he is eager to play more shows.

Although he was out for a while, he managed to record his first single “Follow The River” and release it in January 2019. The full studio version is a mix of Folk, Country and Pop. Various famous musicians contributed to the song “Follow The River”. Producer Jeroen Egge has worked with Pete Doherty, Tyler, the Creator and Dutch talent such as Dursun. Co-producer Andert Tijsma is the regular bass player of Thomas Azier and Alain Clark, among others. Drummer Sean Gascoigne, known for HOLYMEN, and the young country singer Rose Marin also collaborated on the single by Max Poolman. The first single dares to combine multiple styles.

In 2019 he independently releases his first two singles “Follow The River” and “Dreamers”. At the end of 2019 he also releases a live EP called “Ijland Studio Sessions”.

Max Poolman’s songs are inspired by themes such as sustainability, nature and old folkloric stories. To search for the roots of folk and country music, Max Poolman stayed in Mexico and the United States at the beginning of 2020. At the very place where Country and Folk originated, Max Poolman worked on material for his debut EP and performed regularly.

For the debut EP ‘Bucking The Tiger’, Max Poolman has collaborated with several well-known musicians. Just like his previous recordings, he worked with producer and guitarist Jeroen Egge, who has worked with, among others, Pete Doherty, Tyler, the Creator and Dutch talent such as Dursun. Jeroen Egge produced the EP together with Pablo van de Poel, known from DeWolff. The EP also features keyboardist Rowan de Vos, known from Dawn Brothers, Tommy Veenstra, from Lucas Hamming and Alaska Pollock, among others, and drummer Tim Koning, from the Leif de Leeuw Band. Backing vocals were sung by Laura Lewis and Maddy Moreah.


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