NAFT: players to play, drummers to drum, and cheerers to cheer. NAFT gets the party buzzing, burning, bursting. NAFT barks and licks infectiously in your ear with its amazing mix of house, techno and the best beats. Yesterday in the DJ booth, now live and kicking on stage and on the road. NAFT debuted in the summer of 2018 in the streets of Ghent. The band exudes a unique, incomparable musical energy generated by Geraard Buyck (triangle), Floris de Smet (bassoon), Jan Heirman (kettledrum), Tom Heynssens (oboe), Robbe Latré (recorder) and Niels van Paemel (French horn). Since then the combo has steadily climbed its way up the musical scene in The Netherlands and Belgium from their base in Ghent, where they appeared in the 2018 Gentse Feesten extravaganza.


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