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“When you travel a lot the world becomes your home, borders fade and skin colour proves to be as insignificant as the colour of someone’s eyes.”

Pat was a competitive surfer in his teens and twenty’s. As a result of his passion for surfing, Pat travelled the world in search of the best waves, just like a nomad would experience in his search for new resources.

The many travels have inspired his music. Pat is a man of the world and he likes to share his world with you via his music. From western dance to African tribal chantings, everything that feeds him finds expression in his art.

His music is produced by Jaap Wiewel (Killing Skills) and Robin Veldman. They create a backdrop of vibey samples, electronic beats and acoustic instruments to compliment Pat’s raw voice. On stage Pat is backed by live electronics, drums, guitar and keys.

Following the release of the first EP “LIGHTHOUSE” (2015)
Pat Smith played several booming Festivals like: Boardmasters (UK), Live on the Beach (NL), Reeperbahn Festival (DE), Transmusicales (FR) and Ulluwatu Surf Festival (IND) a.o. Pat proved that there is no stopping him.

The NEW EP “VUDU BLVD” is due to be released in 2019 on ”In The Lobby”.


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