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Oats, banana, milk, an apple and… some RUM! It appeared to be the perfect start to a fulfilling day. This is the place where ‘Rum for Breakfast’ was born: during a surf trip in Panama, where the Dutch singer-songwriter Machiel Scholten stayed for his internship. There, excluded from the metropolitan busyness, yet surrounded by paradise, four friends experienced their perfect weekend: surfing, playing music; breathing fulfillment. Rum for Breakfast, was born.

Now, after a few years of playing solo and maturing, Rum for Breakfast has evolved into a complete band. This gives Scholten’s songs more body and depth. Expect a smooth yet subtle acoustic sound. Expect a bluesy, electric guitar surrounded by the warmth of an acoustic guitar and a grooving bass. Expect a male and a female voice, singing together in perfect harmony, while pushing each other to greater heights.

Last summer they toured across the French/Spanish surf coast to play their songs and to relive this musical surfing-experience. After this amazing experience, they went to the studio, to record their debut-EP. This EP will be released on the 29th of May on the ship V11 in Rotterdam


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