Three Little Clouds

Three Little Clouds is a dynamic hip-hop, dance and funk band that was formed in 2017. The band comprises six talented musicians: Joèl Soedito, Marijn de Zwart, Tobias de Zwart, Bram Ravenhorst, Roger Makizodila and Eleanor Dingemans. Their mutual bond, enthusiasm and undeniable talent make Three Little Clouds an infectiously energetic band. Their performances at festivals like Into The Woods, Amsterdam Open Air, Amsterdam Dance Event and Central Park have left audiences craving for more. Their groovy music makes it impossible to stand still and their shows are known for being energetic and dynamic. In 2021, the band released two bundles, “Cloudy Exploration”, consisting of complete self-produced tracks and mixes. Currently, Three Little Clouds are back in the studio and their fans can expect new music to be released early in 2023.

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