Sustainability at Surfana Festival

Originating from a surfing community, we identify care and love for nature as one of our core values. Surfing connects us to the sea, links us closely to nature and creates a fundamental desire to act responsibly. While celebrating our lifestyle, a unique blend of music, clinics, food and love we are committed to continuously moving towards a more sustainable Surfana Festival together with our partners and visitors. 

We believe that collectively we can explore, grow and transform towards a more sustainable future. 

This year, our primary focus lies in understanding the festival impact while starting to explore and expand initiatives we have developed. Our goal is to embrace transparency and clarity so we can create a baseline for future decisions to eventually weave sustainability into all aspects of Surfana Festival. 

To facilitate this change we have formed partnerships with a range of initiatives, both big and small.


We are excited to share the news that we will be using reusable cutlery (supplied by our awesome partners Ozarka) at this year’s food court and crew catering. Our decision is inspired by the new EU wide rules for packaging, a vital part of the European green deal. Packaging waste possesses a significant environmental challenge, with each European citizen generating an average of 180 kg of waste annually. It is time to take action and play our part in reducing waste and shifting towards reusable resources. Read more about the European Green Deal


We aim to produce as little waste as possible and recycle as much as we can. Together with SEAVENTS Responsible Event Solutions we are learning more about recycling and reducing the waste produced at our festival to eventually become a zero-waste festival. Waste = Resource is the first thing we have learned through this partnership.

Please be mindful and sort out waste accordingly so we can recover as many resources as possible.


Indulge your taste buds in our Food Court, where you’ll discover a luscious array of vegan and vegetarian options. We aim to inspire and demonstrate that it’s possible to embrace a diverse and flavourful diet while reducing CO2 emissions.


At Surfana Festival, our aim is to cultivate a community that deeply values nature and fosters a collective desire to learn, grow, and have fun together.

We invite you to explore our diverse program, featuring a host of engaging clinics that focus on sustainability or nature to inspire and empower attendees to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. From immersive experiences in the natural world to clinics which help you repurpose your clothes (did you know that every year, people in the European Union (EU) discard 5.8 million tonnes of textiles?!) Our program offers a wealth of opportunities to deepen your connection with the environment.


The decoration you can find at our terrain is mainly made out of reused material. Throughout the years we have been reusing or repurposing all kinds of materials, creating playful and beautiful decorations out of old tents from the Surfana Surf Camps. With the help from our community of volunteers we work to repainting and reuse signs, restoring material or renting second hand furniture from our partner Snuffelmug. 


All the mentioned sustainability measures have naturally evolved over the years. This year, our focus is on assessing the festival’s environmental impact to determine necessary changes for a more sustainable future. We will measure CO2 emissions, examine electricity and water consumption, and analyse materials used at the festival. We eagerly anticipate sharing our findings after this year’s edition.

We aim to organise a festival which inspires and encourages positive change.Together, we can embrace a mindset centred around reusability, awareness, and circularity.

Join us in our mission & help us make a difference!


We encourage all festival goers to use more sustainable methods of travelling! For more information go to our location info page!


The festival’s campsite is nestled within the picturesque Kennemer Dunes, a nature reserve teeming with stunning wildlife. To ensure the well-being of these magnificent creatures, we kindly request all visitors to stay on designated paths. The surrounding area is home to an array of beautiful creatures, including foxes, European bison, wild horses, rabbits, deer, and countless other species. By safeguarding our environment and keeping it free from litter, we can preserve the harmony between humans and nature.

Furthermore, we advise attendees to keep their food securely stored to prevent any unwanted encounters with curious animals. Let’s embrace the opportunity to coexist peacefully with the wildlife and demonstrate our respect for their habitat. If you are nice to the animals, they’ll be nice to you…

Discover insights, info and tips from two rangers who’s passion is protecting the Kennemer Dunes.


It’s fantastic that the beach is just a short distance away, but regardless of your activities there, please remember to bring all waste back with you. We hold a deep affection for our beloved North Sea and strive to shield her from litter, cigarette butts, and pollutants.

Please be mindful of your cigarette waste and make use of the STUB – Pocket Ashtray, which will be readily available at the festival grounds and campsite entrance.

We kindly ask you to sort out your waste correctly and avoid bringing any unnecessary waste –  especially plastic – onto the festival terrain. Our waste stations are set up with two bins: a small bin for food scraps and a big one for all other waste. Let’s recover as many resources as possible and keep the festival area single-use plastic-free. 


Please adhere to the following guidelines to minimise waste and promote sustainability at the campsite:

1. Please do not abandon any tents or camping equipment. If your tent is damaged, dispose of it properly.
2. If you no longer need any equipment, please bring it to our info stand at the surfcamp. We will ensure it gets to a second-hand store.
3. Consider renting a tent from your friends instead of purchasing a new one.
4. Use exclusively reusable tableware and carry a refillable water bottle throughout your stay at the campsite. There are sinks available for washing dishes and accessible water points.
5. Kindly return your cups, plates, and cutlery to our washing station on-site. By working together, we can reduce packaging waste and embrace a circular future.


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