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Monkey Business

Monkey Business Family Tribe (12 tickets, 1 ouder + kind is 1 ticket)

In FAMILY TRIBE, we will take you through a daring adventure where your Lil monkey kid will become your teacher and guide. Go through the fantasy world of animals, work with each other, and overcome challenging Parcours together.

Can your Tribe survive?

( One parent per kid, but you can change in between!)

The Monkey Business ( 16 deelnemers)

Will provide you with a fusion of dynamic movements. A mixture of martial arts, modern dance, yoga, functional strength, climbing, and acrobatics in a playful way, where having fun is the primary goal.
Learn about body control, agility, mobility, speed, power, balance, flow, meditation, and self-confidence while having fun and playing around.

Monkey Business will teach you the missing links between all sports
It’s about learning skills, getting to know yourself, body, mind and soul, a good physique and a healthy mind is just a result of it.

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