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Fiesta Surfana feedback

Dear Surfani, I hope you had a great week and find yourself in good state of mind after leaving Oyambre. As we're looking for improvements on the next edition; please share your feedback on how you personally experienced this week. THANK YOU!

1 is bad 10 is very very very good
Very dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither dissatisfied nor satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
How did you feel in general within the group?
What was the main reason for you to join 'Fiesta Surfana'?
Very dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither dissatisfied nor satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
Dinner part 1
Dinner part 2
Enter about your specific shift
What did you think about the number and capacity of the clinics / activities / lessons?
How long is the ideal crew week for you?

Mentioned days are arrival and departure day.
What did you think about the communication about the week through the Whatsapp group?

Like the week schedule, sign up for clinics, general announcements.

Thanks for your feedback, we hope to see you back at Surfana in spring 2024!

The next Fiesta Surfana will be 19th of October 2024, so block your agenda!

Fiesta Surfana

It is time for the best week of the year. A gathering of beautiful people. Surfing, hiking, yoga, great food, sounds and vibes, and much more. We’re so stoked! Join us on a week long trip of good life vibrations in the north of Spain.

Everybody can contribute to Fiesta Surfana in their own way. If you have an idea let us know and we will add it to the program. Something like a morning yoga sessh, a hoolahoop workshop or a Surfana football tournament. It’s all about sharing what you love to do with other people! Fiesta de piesta time, whooooop!!

Yeah let’s go!!

What can you expect at Fiesta Surfana?

Let's bring the Surfana Family together Are you joining us?

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