Fiesta Surfana ’21

It is time for the best week of the year. A gathering of beautiful people. Surfing, hiking, yoga, great food, sounds and vibes, and much more. We’re so stoked! Join us on a week long trip of good life vibrations in the north of Spain.

Everybody can contribute to Fiesta Surfana in their own way. If you have an idea let us know ( and we will add it to the program. Something like a morning yoga sessh, a hoolahoop workshop or a Surfana football tournament. It’s all about sharing what you love to do with other people! Fiesta de piesta time, whooooop!!

If you haven’t received the general information email, please let Joanne know so she can make sure you will get it!

Yeah let’s go!!

What can you expect at Fiesta Surfana?

Let's bring the Surfana Family together Are you joining us?

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