The Tea Connection

Enjoy a moment of tranquility, refreshment and inspiration during this tea ceremony, based on the ancient Chinese Gungfu Cha.

The inspiration of this ceremony originates from the story of a Chinese emperor who thought the world was gone crazy and turned upside down. By turning the cups around he put the world back on its feet again.

“This is my third year now that I am present at Surfana Festival. During summer time I take surf lessons at Surfana. You may say that I love to surf and to serve (tea). This year I got my broken tea tray fixed according the Kintsugi style, the Japanese art of repairing something with gold paint, so it will be even more beautiful. It is also my wish for the world to come out of this difficult period even more beautiful than before”.

“Let’s (re)connect. l am ready to serve”.

Paul – The Tea Connection

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