Cultural Cacao Ceremony – Tides of Tradition

This Cultural Cacao Ceremony blends ancient traditions with modern creative expression, offering a unique and enriching experience. During the 1,5 hour Ceremony you will delve into the traditional significance of plant medicine ceremonies. I will guide you in cultivating a meaningful relationship with plant spirits through intention, integrity, and respect, drawing from the wisdom of indigenous cultures – as present in my own heritage.

To enhance the integration of these teachings, the workshop will incorporate painting and medicine music as a form of creative expression. Participants will have the opportunity to translate their intentions onto canvas, creating a visual representation of their journey. This artistic element and song circle serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery and integration.

About Alyssa:

I am the founder of Earth Spirit Botanica, a shamanistic shop dedicated to earth-based spiritual practices inspired by indigenous cultures from the Amazon. Earth Spirit Botanica brings a genuine connection to shamanistic practices, fostering an environment of respect and reverence for the wisdom inherent in nature.

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