Make Your Own Beanie

What began as a hobby quickly spiraled into a business that exceeded all expectations. More than ten years ago, I, Dewi, discovered the art of crochet and before I knew it, my collection of hats grew exponentially, boasting a multitude of colours, shapes, and patterns. However, as one person can only wear so many hats, the idea to share my creations and bring joy to others was born.

And now, I’m excited to impart my „wisdom“ and teach everyone the art of crocheting their own hat! This workshop is designed to be beginner-friendly and highly visual, ensuring that anyone can participate. You’ll be provided with all the necessary materials, including yarn, a crochet hook, and a comprehensive how-to guide. Don’t fret about the initial challenging parts, as I’ll have those covered for you. By the end of the workshop, you’ll proudly leave with a finished, handcrafted beanie to call your own.

Join me in this creative journey and discover the joy of crochet. Let’s make something beautiful together!

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