Surfana Movie Studio

Drawing inspiration from Michael Gondry’s ‚Be Kind Rewind,‘ we’re embarking on a celebration of DIY creativity by building our very own Surfana Movie studio from the ground up.

On Saturday, we’ll dive into the world of ‚Luca,‘ recreating the movie. Then, on Sunday, we’ll venture into the depths of ‚Finding Nemo.‘ We invite all kids, to come aboard and participate as decor builders, actors, stunt performers, and costume makers. Together, we’ll bring these beloved films to life!

What’s even better? You can visit our ‚film studio‘ every day from 10:00 to 16:00 (Friday from 12:00) to craft decor, costumes, and even audition and film your very own movie scene with friends and family. How awesome is that! So make sure to gather at the kids club to join these activities!!

We also have some special activities that you can join during the day – check the board outside the film studio for the daily schedule, but you can already read more about it below!

Beachhunt with Tim Cruise
Tim Cruise brings the soundtrack to your morning Beachhunt with his accordeon. On a musical trip we gather trash and usable materials from the beach and festiva larea that we can use in the ‘knutsellab’.

Recycle knutsellab
Do you think about the things you use? Have you ever considered that the things you discard could hold value for someone else? On Friday and Saturday Tessa from `Spelenderwijs op reis’ invites kids in an intuitive way to use their creativity and play with the materials she found and collected.

Greenscreen scene 
Draw your own film background. We use it as a photobooth to create your own film poster!

Ready set Action! 
The Surfana film crew will record the main scenes for Luca and Finding Newmo on the festival terrain and beach! With help from our cast of actors both big and small. Register at the film studio to star in the movie or be a cameraman!

Fishy face paint
Turn into a fish or a sea monster to be an extra in one of the movie scenes.

Premiere time!

In the evening we will premier our DIY films. It’s an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the creativity and to show the adults the magic we’ve crafted.

Let’s come together to create something truly memorable at the Surfana Movie studio!


12-13.00 Beachhunt with Tim Cruise
13-15.00  Recycle crafting with Tessa  from ‚ SpeelderWijs op reis‘
14 – 16.00 Green screen ‘star in your own movieposter!’
10-12.00  Recycle crafting with  Tessa from SpeelderWijs on a journey
11.00-12.00 Beachhunt with Tim Cruise
12 – 14.00 Green screen scenes
13 – 15.00 Fishy facepaint
14.00 Ready set Action!
18.00 Premiere!
11.00-12.00 Beachhunt with Tim Cruise
12 – 14.00 Green screen scenes
13-15.00 fishy face paint
14.00 Ready set Action!
18.00 premiere!

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