Gong Sound Bath

Veronica offers a unique experience using a combination of a large gong, other instruments, and her soothing voice, allowing you to relax on your back and embark on an inner journey. The gong sound, when skillfully played, acts as a form of sound massage, utilising vibrations to balance the energy system, induce deeper relaxation, and promote cleansing and regeneration. Each individual and moment responds differently to this therapeutic practice, with many people feeling like they enter a sleep-wake state.

To enhance your comfort during the session, it’s advisable to bring something warm to wear, as relaxation may cause a decrease in blood pressure.

If you seek profound relaxation and rejuvenation while immersing yourself in enchanting acoustic sounds, we warmly invite you to join the Gong Bath clinic at the Surfana festival.

For pregnant individuals interested in participating, you are more than welcome to join; however, it’s essential to communicate your pregnancy to the clinic holder before the session begins to ensure appropriate adjustments can be made.

About Veronica:

Veronica is a yoga teacher, gives workshops and rituals and plays the gong since 2010. You can read more on her website: www.vir-yoga-gong.nl and contact her here for more questions.


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