Surfana festival is about inspiring people to create and find ‘the good life’. We give an example by creating what makes us most happy: surfing, being in nature, being with nice people, listening to great music, sharing experiences and learning new things!” Respecting and enjoying nature is an important pillar of the Surfana Festival and we are building towards a sustainable festival.

As a volunteer for Surfana you are big part in making all of this possible and we are really grateful for the Surfana community.

In return for your helping hands and support you will get a full weekend ticket, a camping spot to set up your tent and delicious food during the shifts you will be working.

We ask that you work 2 shifts of 6 to 8 hours. If you sign up for the Build-up or the Breakdown we ask that you at least work 2 days.

Sound intriguing? Well then sign up here!

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