Mindful Knots – Macramé workshop

Create a beautiful memory of the summer and this unique festival!

At our table you can knot a special memory with your own hands, some gorgeous rope and even with treasures you picked up on the beach.

You can make a FEATHER, a FISH, make a memory with a HEART or a KEYCHAIN to keep your memory in your hands.

For this we use beautiful knotting rope in soft colors. You can add your own beach treasures such as wood and shells or use the ones I found during my walks along the sea.

Drop by and join us at Mindful Knopen during the festival. Children love to make the keychain and feather!

Key chain € 5 creating time 15 minutes

Feather € 7.50 creating time 30 minutes

Heart € 12 creating time 45 minutes

Fish € 15 creating time 60 minutes


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