Coffee Cupping by Fried Hats

The tiny Fried Hats coffee caravan will not only serve the best coffee this year, but also teach you how to judge and taste coffee in a cupping workshop. Coffee cupping is the professional practice for tasting and observing the aromas and flavours of brewed coffee. Just like wine, a barista can judge a coffee by defined parameters like aroma, acidity and aftertaste.

About Fried Hats:

We are a micro-roastery based in Amsterdam, sourcing and roasting the best, most interesting coffee we can find. Our focus is on providing consistent, high quality roasted coffee beans for you, sourcing it based on flavour and roasting it to accentuate its natural characteristics. Training people to make sure everyone can taste all that our coffees have to offer and all the while, trying to actually improve the lives of the people growing and producing the coffee all around the world.

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