Guest blog from Tomas Grootveld

Tomas, Surfani van het eerste uur, reist de wereld rond om te ontdekken en ervaren en deelt die ervaringen met de wereld via @iseastories. Toen hij laatst in het water lag, kreeg hij inspiratie voor dit mooie stukje. We willen het graag met je delen.

When we get back what we took for granted

Springtime, with its cold mornings and its long evenings. Soft light luminating the waves from
behind. Smiles all around as your buddies slide by on a 9 foot soft top.

Enough has been said about the Corona virus. I’m sure the current situation of social isolation has
given us all a lot of insights. It makes us appreciate what we have and shows us the things we
don’t need and the things we do need.

We are fortunate enough to still be able to surf in the Netherlands. If you have your own surfgear
at least. Surfschools are closed for the time being. And I thought I’d never say this but gosh I miss
the crowds in the water. The feeling of surfing during a sunset with good friends and people you
just met in the water. Priceless. The joy of spotting a set in the distance and the thrill of flying
down the line fifteen seconds later. A seal that pops up 5 meters away. Paddle battles with your
neighbour to get in the best position for the next wave.

Surfana Zandvoort I miss you and your community dearly. I will appreciate you even more when
your doors are open once again and we get back what we took for granted.

♡ Tomas


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